Women's football World Cup: 6 Minute English

As the FIFA Women’s World Cup approaches the end of the tournament, we look at the rise in the popularity of female only football. We hear about the history of the women’s sport in the UK and around the world and what progress has been made since the FA banned women’s matches in 1921. You can learn some related vocabulary along the way too.

This week’s question:
When was the first official women’s football world cup?

A: 1970

B: 1988, or

C: 1991

Listen to the programme to find out the answer.

a struggle – word used to describe something that is difficult to do and might involve a lot of hard work or conflict

(to have) agency – being able to act independently and make your own choices

a backlash – a strong negative reaction to something

to dampen enthusiasm (for something) – to make people less interested in something

to ban – to use rules to stop something from continuing to happen

(to make) a concerted effort (to do something) – to try really hard to do something

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