What is facebook AB Testing Ads ?? (Hindi)

** About ab split testing **

Split testing lets you test different versions of your ads so you can see what works best and improve future campaigns. For example, you can test the same ad on two different audiences to see which ad performs better. Or, to test two delivery optimisations to determine which selection yields better results.

To get started, navigate to Ads Manager and create a split test. Use this guide to understand the basics of split testing, including variables, budget and scheduling.

How split testing works
Facebook’s split testing feature allows advertisers to create multiple ad sets and test them against each other to see what strategies produce the best results. Here’s how it works:

Split testing divides your audience into random, non-overlapping groups.
This randomisation helps to ensure the test is conducted fairly because other factors won’t skew the results of the group comparison. It also ensures that each ad set is given an equal chance in the auction.
Each ad set tested has one distinct difference, called a variable. Facebook will duplicate your ads and only change the variable that you choose.
To get the most accurate results from your split test, you’ll only have the opportunity to test one variable at a time. For example, if you test two different audiences against each other, you can’t also test two delivery optimisations simultaneously because you wouldn’t know for sure which change affected the performance.
Split testing is based on people, not cookies, and gathers results across multiple devices.
The cost per result of each ad set is calculated and compared. The ad set with the lowest cost per result, such as cost per website purchase, wins. We make these calculations with Facebook’s attribution system. We use data from the test itself and thousands of simulations based on it, which helps us determine our confidence level in the results.
Once the test is complete, you’ll receive a notification and email containing results. These insights can then fuel your advertising strategy and help you design your next campaign.
Objectives available for split testing
Facebook split testing supports the following business objectives:

App Installs
Lead Generation
Video Views
Catalogue Sales
Brand Awareness
Variables available for split testing
Advertisers will have the option to test one of the following variables. You can test five different strategies with one of these variables.

Target audience
Delivery optimisation
Product sets

Setting a budget and schedule
Your split test should have a budget that will produce enough results to confidently determine a winning strategy. You can use the suggested budget that we provide if you’re not sure about an ideal budget. (We calculate the suggested budget by analysing successful split tests that have run in the past and that had settings similar to your test). We’ll also provide a mandatory minimum budget to help guide you. The budget and audience will then be divided between the ad sets. You can choose to divide it evenly or weight one more than the other(s), depending on your preference.

We recommend 4-day tests for the most reliable results, and if you aren’t sure about an ideal time frame, you can start with four days. In general, your test should run for at least three days and no longer than 14 days. Tests shorter than 3 days may produce insufficient data to confidently determine a winner and tests longer than 14 days may not be an efficient use of budget, as a test winner can usually be determined in less than 14 days.

For this reason, we recommend a test between 3-14 days for tests created in the API. When creating a split test in Ads Manager, you must create a test with a schedule between 3-14 days.

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