Waterproofing done easy – ft. Adidas Continental 80 Cream Colorway

In this video, I teach you the EASY way to waterproof almost any shoe/boot!

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What’s up #sneakerfans ! Does anyone else feel like September flew by? Well, its October now and colder, wetter weather is just around the corner. This is what inspired me to share this tutorial video with you.

Now let’s get into the nitty gritty!

Initial Assessment
These shoes must be clean and dry! Please clean your shoes before using any waterproofing product on them. If you don’t clean them, less then optimal results will follow, you might even damage them.

MATERIALS: Some materials can possibly be damaged by waterproofing sprays. The label on Sof Sole recommends you DO NOT use it on patent leather or vinyl. Smooth leather, like the pair of shoes here on my Adidas Continental 80’s are mostly safe. Spray waterproofers are also safe on most Suede and Nubucks. Canvas and other textile shoes are also most likely safe. BUT take care to not skip Step 2, and test on an inconspicuous area before treating the whole shoe.

WATERPROOFER LINKS: If you can’t find waterproofer at any stores around you, don’t worry! Below I’ve linked to some waterproofers that I have used in the past and gotten great results.

If you’ve read and confirmed all of the above you can proceed to unlacing your shoes.

Do as I say not as I do! In the video, I sprayed a pretty large area without taping off or being careful not to cover too much of the shoe. I have done this multiple times and I was confident it would work out. If you are not sure please use some masking tape, post-it notes or at least a piece of paper to block off a small area. Test an inconspicuous area before treating the whole shoe! I can not emphasize this enough. Save yourself the heartbreak of ruining an old pair of shoes you love or a new pair you just got. This test area will let you know if the material on the upper will have a reaction you don’t like.

Once you’ve determined that your shoes are safe to waterproof stuff the shoe with newspaper or the shoe inserts if you still have them. Then, spray a uniform coat on the whole shoe.
Some tips to help you achieve this even treatment
1. Don’t stop moving the can as you spray. This will stop you (hopefully) from spraying too much on one area. The shoe can get wet with the spray but it shouldn’t be dripping.
2. Instead of spraying all over the shoe it is more efficient to work in panels. Start with one side and move in one direction around the shoe until you have gotten all sides covered.
3. Let each layer dry before applying another coat.
4. I recommend at least 3 coats for best results

Let the treated shoes rest and dry for at least one hour. I highly recommend you leave them alone overnight for longer lasting and better results.

Enjoy your newly waterproofed shoes!

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