War Robots: MK2 Tutorial | What is MK2?

War Robots. A brief MK2 Tutorial demonstrating what MK2 is and what it does to your robots and weapons. At the end of this MK2 Tutorial, I also offer a tip as it’s what I have been doing on my own personal account. So what exactly is MK2? MK2 is an “enhancement” or upgrade that you can do to your robot or weapon once you have reached level 12. To start the process it costs 500 Gold but there is a catch. In my Bulgasari example [03:35], you see me enhancing a level 12 Bulgasari with 190k HP. After clicking on the Enhance button the Bulgasai’s health drops to 117k HP. When I reach MK2 level 9 my Bulgasari has close to the same HP as that of a regular level 12. Once I reach MK2 level 12 my Bulgasari has 228k HP – 20% more HP than your regular level 12. In the case of weapons the same thing applies except your weapons will now do 20% more damage. As a tip, I recommend players focus on their weapons being MK2 level 12 first before moving to their robots. This game currently releases content at such a rapid pace that it makes more sense to focus on weapons since weapons have a longer shelf life than robots. The other benefit is that it helps with damage and with more damage comes more silver.

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