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TanDreamland Welcome you to Sai Gon- Viet Nam
Saigon, also presently called as Ho Chi Minh City, is a city worth coming to with friendliness and hospitality from the people here and the exciting experiences exploring famous landmarks and enjoying a lot of incredibly delicious Saigon street foods. When first arriving in Saigon, many visitors will feel quite shocked by the chaos in the busiest area in Vietnam.
But, if there is a chance of scrambling around the narrow streets or alleyways on a motorbike, you will find things beyond your original imagination. Although the traffic here is crazy, most vehicles are moving at a very slow speed, and seldom does any accident or scuffle occurs on the streets. Besides the usual crowded, Saigon also brings in itself a very idyllic beauty. You can discover a city with its own character, personality, and cuisine at the cheapest price if you take the time for it.
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