Happy holidays, friends!

Are we really this close to Christmas?? It always speeds by so fast, I am never as prepared as I’d like to be, and we never take it as slow as I always vow I will next year. I need to make more time to just savor. To sit back with a cuppa — whatever your cuppa is — and just ponder the magic a bit more.

So, as I rush off to master the next commitment, I wish you (and me) just that: quiet moments. A chance to savor the season. Peace.

With blessings,


4 Responses to “savor”

  • Lucy
    Thanks for the holiday wish, Denice. It’s so sweet.
    I love coffee and I love tea, but I just have to wait after the baby comes before I indulge myself in those.
  • Gloria J Zucaro
    Hi Denice, I try to keep coming back to PPF to see what everyone has been up to. i love your very graphic “cuppa”. I have to have my one cup of Colombian coffee every morning, and a cup of Chamomile tea before bed at night!
  • Sheri Cook
    Very nice image. Love the colors and composition. Belated Happy PPF!
  • Stacie
  • I too am trying to savor the moments. Very difficult especially with kiddos! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!


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