Happy weekend friends! I finally did some painting this morning. This one is bigger than my usual — about 18 x 18 inches — and I’m not certain yet if it is done, but it has been on my board for weeks waiting for me to get back to it, and oh! it felt so good to work on it!

The blog celebrated a birthday this week. I am astounded that inkstitch is six years old! Wow! Time flies! and all that! I’ve been thinking of all the projects or series I’d like to run to celebrate, but I’m sort of just happy to be here for now. And I’m happy you’re here. I am happy and truly honored that you take time out of your day to visit me here, and I am deeply grateful for your support. Thank you.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. I hope you get paint on your hands and time at your sewing machine and fresh air and good food. I hope you celebrate something, somehow. I hope you love and laugh and even dance a little. Thank you so much for coming. x

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