Nokia 6700 Classic Screen Repair / Case / Keyboard & Antenna Replacement

For spares try and use coupon code ETS2 for a small discount which also gives me credit.
Skip Intro 0:20
Face Plate Off 2:38
Remove LCD Display 3:45
Keypad Removal 4:28
Charging Block/Socket 5:33
New Screen in 7:07
Antenna Replacement 7:59
Volume Rocker 8:53
To replace the case, screen, keyboard, antenna or charger block/socket you will need a T4 or T5 (both used in production) Torx (star) type screwdriver, a plastic knife and maybe some glue if the little L.E.D flash comes off.

You can easily source new parts online.

DIY repairs will void any warranty.

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Filmed in one continuous shot (no edits) with a Panasonic HDC-SD700


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