NieR: Automata | Red Girl Masterminds

In Cyberspace, A2 comes into contact with the conceptional personalities as well, the Red Girl masterminds. They tell A2 that they remember her from the time she was on her experimental mission under the codename No. 2 as part of a disposable test run made for Project YoRHa. The Red Girls are the ones responsible for destroying A2’s entire squad back when she was still with YoRHa. A2 and her comrades were actually the first generation of YoRHa androids. They were sent out as guinea pigs and the commander had no regard for their safety. A2 saw this as a betrayal on the commander’s part, hence her desertion from YoRHa. A2 survived an experiment that she was never intended to come out alive.

Pod 042 proposes that A2 should take advantage of the conceptional personalities in order to create a weakness in the network. By not attacking the enemy, A2 allows the network to grow more intelligent and more aware of its own diversity which prompts the network to start fighting itself. One side of the network insists on keeping the androids alive as fighting against them will provide them with more opportunities to evolve as they face more hardships. The other side of the network sees A2 as a threat and insists that she be destroyed. The two conflicting sides then begin attacking each other as A2 watches on. With the Red Girls significantly weakened, A2 is able to dispose of this particular projection of their consciousness.

Platform: PlayStation 4

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