Nha Trang Day 3 – A Good Weather and End of Journey

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20 November 2017 – We woke up to a very bright, sunny and clear weather. A total opposite to the weather on our second day.

We went to the beach before riding to a souvenir shop to look for souvenirs.

Since we had only limited time, we then rode to the cable car station to see the cable car that ferry people to Vinpearl Amusement Park. We were so sad that we could not go on our second day due to the bad weather. It is so easy to go to the cable car station. Just go all the way up from the main road and you will arrive at the cable car station after passing through some hilly area.

Then, we rode back to the hotel area and had our breakfast at A&M Fast Food, the only halal fast food restaurant and one of the four halal eateries that we found here.

After breakfast, we proceeded to check out (a special shoutout to Dzuliza Suleman​) and went straight to the airport.

After we arrived at klia2, we went back home for me to pack some clothes and I continued driving to Ipoh for work.

Will I come back to Nha Trang if given a chance? – Definitely, yes!

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  • Yes Nha Trang is quite a great place to visit. I also not going to Vinpearl due to traveling alone there. Most of the time I am just walking to everywhere lol. Admit that there in Nha Trang it is hard to get halal food. A lot of travelers from Russia until some of the seller can even speak in Russian. Impressive. During the boarding time only I saw actually there is a lot of Malaysian visiting Nha Trang.

    Belog PenaMaya May 22, 2020 7:12 pm Reply

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