My FAVORITE BOOST Sneaker! adidas Ultra Boost ST Review!

$126 Ultra Boost right now!!
Also $140 Parley x Ultra Boost ST!! (Retail $200)
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All Comments

  • Yo! Right now you can get ultra boost for $126 and these Ultra Boost ST Parley for only $140!! Link in description to shop 30% off adidas site sale!

    Hes Kicks May 20, 2020 1:11 pm Reply
  • Русские вазап)

    Александр Борисенко May 20, 2020 1:11 pm Reply
  • Did they discontinue the ST? I need a new pair

    Dwayne Husbands May 20, 2020 1:11 pm Reply
  • I have ultra boost ST should i buy ULtra boost 5.0?

    Fanach May 20, 2020 1:11 pm Reply
  • I wish they would just make the shoe all the same but remove that ugly stability rubber on the inner boost. I know that’s what gives it the name for the shoe but for me I have flat feet but I hate stability things like for me as long as my foot fits on the boost or outsole and as long as it’s super squishy mooshy however you describe it that’s what I love. I wish brands would stop tip toeing around the squish and give in and make one model that’s so squishy and soft on the boost or react or hovr whatever the case may be I believe would sell out and be a force to be reckoned with. Because I feel like this shoe has more boost which is what I want but the. They add a stability rubber thing on the boost instead of letting it be just make it wider just like they did and I think it would be awesome even if they have to market the thing as casual I don’t care id be in line God willing I could afford it haha. Great video I want to see a am4 versus ultraboost st comparison.

    Ocana Family May 20, 2020 1:11 pm Reply
  • Thanks for the video.
    Can you tell us how to spot a fake ultra boost st ??

    A.Mansour May 20, 2020 1:11 pm Reply
  • I just got these shoes. I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis and these shoes completely got rid of it. Worth every cent.

    Lil_Hedz PS4 Fixes May 20, 2020 1:11 pm Reply
  • can u plz post the link of that shoes? i couldn't find em on

    john ayacko May 20, 2020 1:11 pm Reply
  • Just recently bought a pair of the st and I they are my favorite ultraboost shoe, super comfy

    Larry Fishburne May 20, 2020 1:11 pm Reply
  • Found them at my Adidas store but only in womans sizes so I wore a womans size 11 or a mens 10. Womans one fits fine and looks very similar to parley colours ( it is not parley though)

    James Parker May 20, 2020 1:11 pm Reply
  • Does this work in people that doesn’t pronate or have flat foot

    Golfredo Mendoza May 20, 2020 1:11 pm Reply
  • I love my STs

    Carter Steele May 20, 2020 1:11 pm Reply
  • Hey Hes great video I just picked up a pair from the Adidas outlet store this afternoon AC7586, and they're perfect

    Edward Nash May 20, 2020 1:11 pm Reply
  • These or EQT 93-17?

    Mohit Vaghela May 20, 2020 1:11 pm Reply
  • I got black and white. also silver medal

    someone May 20, 2020 1:11 pm Reply
  • i have both the normal ultraboost and the st version and i find the st way more comfortable imo.

    xblade May 20, 2020 1:11 pm Reply
  • dont like the look. i think the best looking boost shoes are the Laceless. less bulky and more streamlined.

    Freddy Licious May 20, 2020 1:11 pm Reply
  • i love these shoes. They are so comfy

    Manas Batchu May 20, 2020 1:11 pm Reply

    Zalán Vágó May 20, 2020 1:11 pm Reply
  • Are the st the only ultra boost with a tongue?

    whereistherealslimshady? May 20, 2020 1:11 pm Reply
  • Hey Hes! Are your ST's the same size as your other UB's? My ST's are US11 and they fit perfectly. I wore UB uncaged US11 for 3 days and my heels were killing me…

    I'm wondering that will UB US11 also kill my heels..?

    mullet3000 May 20, 2020 1:11 pm Reply

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