My daily vocabulary practice with Anki – 영어단어 훈련 녹음필수! 하루 30분이 기적을 만든다!

My daily vocabulary practice with Anki
My dream is to be a true bilingual in 3 years.
Please tell me any advice for my English to be improved.

This is my daily English shadowing(speech) practice with the world best speeches and essays. I was not born in an educated background, my parents were not even able to graduate high school. My life was so poor and my desire for learning is unstoppable. I am in my 30’s now and I gave up my time, alcohol, smoking, high income job, useless relationships for my learning. It has been for 10 years. My dream is to be a true bilingual who can express my thoughts naturally like my mother tongue. The Next technology era is likely to solve the language barriers sooner or later. That is why I have to practice even harder to follow those who can afford fancy devices to download language skills into their brain with their plenty of money. I have started learning piano as well recently because learning music is also related to pick up language sound. I still believe English will let me be free from my destined poverty in the future if it can make it sooner. Please wish me good luck!

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앙키로 실시간 데일리 영어단어 연습을 시작합니다.
본인이 외국어에 재능이 없다고 생각하시는 분들은 헤매지 마시고 저와 함께 플래시카드로 녹음하며 도전합시다.

플래시카드에 사용된 교재
Oxford Picture Dictionary(yes24)

4000 essential english words(시리즈)(yes24)


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