Making an ABS – Dumb AI test

So, I found a way to handle the AI via event coding. While plugin commands are nice and easy for non-coders, they are a one-way communication with the script code. I still had to use scripting on the IF-event-thingy to call functions and get results.

The robots can shoot fireballs if “out of range”, and if “in range” both can do a melee attack. The movement here is random, so don’t expect them to act smart 😛

I’ll have to optimize it later on so it doesn’t lag…

On a side note… I’ve been playing the amazing CrossCode! It’s an Action-RPG made with HTML5 and Javascript. I found it accidentaly while I was searching for Action RPGs and how they present the combat system:

It’s on early access but I maaaay have registered 20+ hours of uhmm… research.


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