L'Alya Ninh Van Bay Resort Exploration

L’Alya Ninh Van Bay is unlike most any other place you have visited before. Huge and expansive spaces, coconut thatched roofs with high vaulted ceilings that allow the heat to escape as fresh air is constantly pulled into the areas.

Living spaces ranging from 90 to 230 square meters, and private veranda, terrace, and swimming pools, all set to the natural wood and rock construction. Elegance mixed with natural simplicity, the openness of both contemporary and traditional architecture in the wide beauty create the unique “semi-closed’ style of L’Alya Villas. A purely decent Vietnamese space is featured simply by leaf roofs, bamboos, wooden beams and granite floors. The outer looks simple, however the interior is extremely elegant, comfortable, modern and luxurious. All villas are separately located but surrounded by nature and enjoy large living space, outdoor swimming pools, bathrooms and private sunbathing yards.

And although they were not originally intended to be a part, the local wildlife has also become quite a standard and added to the overall essence of what L’Alya’s Ninh Van Bay vision is all about.

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