How To Split Test Facebook Ads – Advanced Facebook Advertising Techniques To Maximize Your PPC Spend

How to split test Facebook ads. Advanced Facebook marketing strategy.

Split testing ads is an advanced technique that requires you to have your Facebook ads setup correctly first.

If you want help learning how to advertise on Facebook first, watch this video:

Whether you are looking for videos on how to advertise on facebook or if you are looking for advanced facebook advertising tips, split testing is the way to increased conversions without increasing your PPC ad budget.

The process is simple and this video shows exactly how to setup the split tests in the Facebook Power Editor.

Knowing what to split test and how long to run your split tests is a bit more difficult and we cover that information in the video also.

If your Facebook advertising strategy is using paid Facebook traffic but is not incorporating split testing, you are simply missing out on learning the exact phrases, words and offers that compel your target market to take action.

In the years that I’ve been running paid Facebook ads, I truly believe that the information and insights I’ve learned about my target market and what copywriting chops actually compel them to action, is the most valuable asset.

With that said, being able to generate cash-on-demand for my online business through paid Facebook traffic and an efficient marketing funnel is pretty sweet, no doubt.

This video is a part of the bigger Facebook Ads Tutorial playlist you can find here:

Facebook marketing in 2016 is well known to have the biggest potential for reach, leads and customers for your brand or business… But it has a learning curve and split testing is honestly the ‘secret’ to success.

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