HOW TO: DIY Nike & Adidas Hoodies/Sweatshirts EASY

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Hey guys! So in todays video I will be showing you how to make these super inexpensive Nike and Adidas sweaters. These are NOT real name brand clothes and they are not affiliated with either company in any way. I am simply making these to wear for me and only me =] NOT FOR RESALE. What I love about these transfer sheets is for one the gold is super eye catching & for two, you can customize your clothes with whatever you want. Be creative! I’m thinking about making some as Christmas gifts for family & friends =] All items used will be listed below!

YES you can wash this! After a couple washes though, the logo will shrink a bit but nothing major.

*If you trace your letters on the back of your transfer paper like I did, be sure to flip your logo/letters over before you trace so they are backwards. After you cut the design from the transfer paper, iron it down to your clothes the proper way, not backwards (it’ll ruin your iron).*

Fruit of the loom mens sweaters (size M) from walmart $6 each
Iron on Transfer paper (2 sheets) from michaels $6 each
Exacto knife

This project in total took me about 1 hr!

Video on how to make a CROPPED HOODIE

Music by King Ralio

Camera- Canon Rebel T3i

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