How can we download from fshare?

Hi everybody from Architect X ☺️

today we will see how can we download from fshare?
Generally our files are in fshare unfortunately ☺️

You can download a lot of freebie and premium scenes from our patreon page.

1) Main Method
fshare want to account for free download certainly.You can use facebook or google account for sign.We must click again. Wait and it will download.

2) Create link in other website
You can create alternative link in a lot of website . If file size is big (1gb or up for me ) i use this website. copy and paste

3)Tmearn and fshare
If you download files in our pages maybe you will see tmearn link too .Lets download a scene from our pages.

We are creating architectural library for our patrons you can download all directly .

Dont need fshare 🙂

Please support us on patreon.

Have a nice day ☺️


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