How Can I Fix 500 Internal Server Error?

How can I fix 500 Internal Server Error?

The error occurs when the website has an error, or if there is a problem with the website’s programming.

I’ve seen Java errors errors on a site, as well as Adobe Flash plug-ins that crash a browser. Should I switch to another browser when I get the error?

Microsoft’s IE may give you the notice that the website cannot display the page. But changing the browser will usually just change the error message, not actually fix the problem.

So what can I do about it?

The problem is usually on the server, not anything you can fix unless you are the system admin. But you could try to reload the web page.

That’s the internet equivalent of restarting the PC.

I said you could try, not that it would work. If the admin fixed the issue between now and then, then you’ll pull up the working page.

I’ve heard the problem could be the web address.

Sometimes a website alias will fail but the original site is still working. Use the direct web address or URL to get around that problem.

It is the right URL.

Clear your browser’s cache. If it saved the error page as the default, you won’t get the right one until that’s gone.

I’ve never heard of that. But I’d be afraid to lose my place or interfere with my browser session.

If you are in the middle of a checkout, you might want to leave things alone until the session times out.

Now if all that works, what else can I do?

It is a big world wide web. Try another site.

Other sites might not be working.

If that’s the case, I’d check with your ISP connection. If the router you are using resets its IP address, you can’t connect, and the same is true if the ISP server resets or goes down.

And now we’re back to a server side problem I cannot fix.

Try rebooting your PC and get back to me.


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