Hobo 4: Total War – Game Walkthrough (full)

Just when this Hobo thinks he’s already out of the city, here comes the army searching for him. Help him unleash war against the bad guys here in Hobo 4: Total War! Your new mission now is to defeat the army and try to stay alive as always. Move the hobo and defeat all the military personnel in the area. Now that you have your unlocked attacks from the last version, you can use them aside from punching and kicking. There will be new moves you can still unlock as you progress in the area, as well as new passwords for your checkpoints.


Since the third game, Hobo has been wanted for all those violent things that he did in the first game as well as escaping prison in the second game. He’s also back and did some damage during the third game as we already stated. Apparently in this game its total war as the army is sent in to capture Hobo. Hobo is sleeping as always until the army tells him that they’re out to get him. Join Hobo as he fights the army as well as the other people that get in his way and his day’s sleep.


Hobo 4 utilizes the same cartoon graphics as they did in the first game. In fact it uses the same art style and overall visual aesthetics. You may notice that some characters from the previous games come back in a different appearance but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The movement animations are the same as well as several combos that were present in the previous game. The music is back as well and it alternates to suit the mood. We still have that jazzy music whenever Hobo is out fighting as well as during the intro and outro of the game.


Hobo 4 as it is also subtitled as Total War is still a 2D beat em up like the previous games. Players control Hobo as he is being hunted down by the army. Players make Hobo go up, down, left or right depending on where they would want to go. Then again the usual way to go is to the right to complete the game. Players press different buttons to make Hobo punch, kick and do a variety of combos. The game starts off with available combos that the players can do. Three more combos can be unlocked as the players continue the game. Once again much like he first three games, Hobo 4 features some of the most disgusting, strangest and weirdest combos. While Hobo can do the basic punch and kick combos, he can use his body wastes for more devastating and disturbing combos to deal with his enemies. Hobo uses his spit, piss and poop to deal some damage. He can also use his own head and eyeballs to do some major mind games or just beat the crap out of his enemies. One other element is that he can pick up items on the ground and use them as weapons. There are a lot of soldier enemies in the game that drop guns. Hobo can use those guns until their ammo run out. There are also bazookas that drop which can one hit kill enemies in one hit. There are also enemies that are transportation like a truck and the final boss is a tank. You will lose life if you get hit or ran over by those vehicles. Just as always you will be given a password to continue to game should you die or want to start from a certain point.

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