GTA V Online Apartments – Eclipse Towers #9 (9 of 22)

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This apartment has the original floor plan with the bedroom on the lower floor and has a 10-car garage. It has views facing south and west. The view of downtown to the south is unmatched. To the west there is a spectacular view of the golf course and the ocean. You also get a bird’s eye view of Michael DeSanta’s house in the Rockford Hills (just look for his tennis court and pool in the view to the south).

* This apartment has the exact same views as Eclipse Towers #40, only from a lower floor in the building. Being closer to the ground makes the views more detailed and clear.

1) The original floor plan has more windows than “High Life” layout and there are views facing two directions and additional windows on the lower level.
2) The location is convenient to almost anywhere you need to go in the city such as the Los Santos Customs, Ammunation, Barbers, Ponsonby’s, Theaters, and Tattoo shops
3) There are blue and yellow custom Sentinel XS cars that spawn just down the street (in front of the Liquor Hole) in the early morning and they can be sold for $17k and $14k respectively to earn extra income.

1) Due to all the stairs in the original floor plan, it can take a little longer to get out of the apartment if you spawn in the bedroom or bathroom on the lower floor.
2) This is the second most expensive online apartment that is not a “High Life” floor plan.
3) While it’s easy to leave the apartment heading east, west and south can be a little more challenging due to hilly roads and lots of traffic and parked cars.

My two cents: If you want city and ocean view, the views from this apartment are second to none (although almost identical to Eclipse #40, only lower in the building). If you don’t mind the traffic and the location works for you, this is a great choice.


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