Every day art: a vegetable landscape

I’m back, still making art, and very happy to be sharing it. The charger for my beloved Nikon has been misplaced… last seen at the birth of my beautiful niece in my sister’s home. I have thought it would surely turn up, so I’ve resisted replacing it, but I finally used the very last of the juice last week and I just couldn’t console myself with my little point and shoot. And so, a lull ensued.

I have now been very happily reunited my gorgeous, juicy, wonderful, fantastic and perfect camera (I missed you, baby) and I can post again. You understand: I couldn’t do it without her. After all, a camera was my first crush.

Today’s painting: a landscape of remaining autumn vegetables, silently waiting to become art for all the senses. Shown in the second photo pinned to the dining room art wall, sharing space with lots of wonderful kid art on display.

I hope you’re enjoying a lovely fall day, friends. x

17 Responses to “every day art: a vegetable landscape”

  • Carolyn Dube
    Glad you have your camera back! The autumn veggies are great!
  • Dawn
    In the top photo I was thinking this piece was huge, then it caught me off guard when I saw how small it was! haha!! I like how graphic it looks. Well done.
  • Christine Martell
    Love the playfulness of the colors, and the graphic quality of the painting.
  • lynn richards
    what a sweet wall! i love all the color.
  • Cat @ sea.sky.stone.
    Such a nice veggie landscape–I love the colors, and the recipe card in the background!
  • Paula – Buenos Aires
    Lovely to see art among other art pieces! So lively.
    Congratulations to the whole family on the arrival of your baby niece.
  • Shonie
    I love the colors you used. Fruit is so simple yet so beautiful.
  • Judy Hartman
    A wonderful still life. I love the bold colors and the graphic checkered background.
    Glad you got your camera back – I’d be lost without mine!
  • Lucy
    Oh, I’d love to sit in your dining room!
  • Diana Evans
    oh what a gorgeous Vegetable landscape!!! the colours are so perfect….wonderful work!!!!
  • Tracey Fletcher King
    nothing makes me happier than an art wall… especially one that the whole family has created xx
  • JKW
    I love the kitchen counter effect with the tile, the cutting board and the veggies. Blessings, Janet
  • JKW
    I love the kitchen counter effect, the tiles, the cutting board and the veggies. Blessings, Janet PPF
  • Jen
    Oh, I am so glad you have your camera back. I am very attached to mine too. 
  • I love the checkered background in your painting.
  • Mary C. Nasser
    Love your autumn vegetable landscape!
    So festive and beautiful! The rich colors are great!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art
  • Heather Foust
    So glad you have your camera back. I don’t know what I would do either. Beautiful painting.
  • Sheri Cook
    Yea for reunions with cameras! Your work is lovely. Happy PPF!


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