Every day art: a rainbow in my art journal

The center drawing here is an index card from Tammy’s index card challenge. We (the kids and I) did several of these through the summer and never blogged them; now they’re being recycled as fun journal fodder. I promise to get some paint on soon, but we’ve just finished a round with a stomach bug so there’s some catching up to be done.

This is what I like about calling this little project “every day art” instead of “art every day.” It’s not about the pressure of producing every day, it’s about the joy of embracing art as a regular part of my everyday. Sharing little bits of recycled art journaling is about my speed for a few days. More soon! xo

(Pitt pens, index card, inkpad, acrylic paint, micron pen, watercolor, Portfolio crayons)

14 Responses to “every day art: a rainbow in my art journal”

  • Tracey Fletcher King
    I love this journal page and having the art of cards ready to use is such a great idea… just the thing when you are wanting to have a play… this is my favourite work for the month so far though I am sure there will be many more xx
  • Donna C.
    OOooooo I love the colors! Nice job :O)
  • Dawn
    I love that you are recycling art from other times, adding to it and just enhancing what was already there. Good luck with that stomach bug, hope it heads out your door soon without looking back!
  • Serena
  • Michelle
    Wow. It just pops!
    Stay inspired!
  • Julie Jordan Scott
    I love all the colors and passionate expression in such a small work! Someday I may get the patience for such a thing!
    I look forward to seeing more of your art via Art Every Day Month.
  • Natasha
    This is SO great – what fun, tremendous colors!! I also love the way you are embracing this process as part of your everyday …you’ve inspired me thank you
  • Judy Hartman
    Beautiful colors, and I love your perspective of “everyday art”!
  • Sarah Anderson
    what a great way of being able to produce a journal page a day, this index card is gorgeous; fabulous, vibrant colours!
  • lynn richards
    love you saying that it’s everyday art!!!! great colors on you card.
  • April
    Very cool – I did the index card a day challenge, too. this is a great way to incorporate them into other art projects. Love the colors you have brought together.
  • Kristin Dudish
    This is beautiful – definitely recycling at its very best! I love your no-pressure approach!
    I hope you are all feeling much better!
  • Connie Rawlins
    Beautiful. Love the colors.
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