Eight of Swords in 3 Minutes

Eight of Swords Upright: Feeling fenced in. Paranoia, oppression, restriction. Too many ideas with no clear direction. Feeling completely stymied, stuck, twisted and tangled up. Isolation, trapped by feelings of helplessness, especially if this is learned behavior from the past. Unable to see a way out of an oppressive situation/s. Obsessing over or over analyzing a situation.

Eight of Swords Upright Best Course of Action: Sometimes you just have to be stuck. Understand you are unable to see a situation clearly. Your judgment is off or unreliable at this time. It might be prudent to seek professional help. It may be in your best interest not to act at this point, you may not be able to see or grasp the entire picture/all the elements at play in a given situation.

Eight of Swords Reversed: Breaking free of an oppressive situation. Seeing things as they really are. Walking away from a restrictive situation. Tensions or fears easing. Getting off your own back. Disentangling yourself from a difficult relationship or work experience.

Eight of Swords Reversed Best Course of Action: Walk away or depart. Look with clarity at what you are experiencing. Stop beating yourself up. May be a call to leave a relationship or work experience. Open up to your therapist or a trusted friend.


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