Cubase vs Logic Pro X – Which is the Best DAW Option for Your Audio Production?

Cubase vs Logic Pro X – Which is the Best DAW Option for Your Audio Production?

For more tutorials on Logic Pro X as well as beat making techniques visit my website using the link above.

In this video I do a comprehensive comparison between the key features in Cubase vs Logic Pro X to help you determine which is the best DAW option for you in your audio production journey.

I am Dr Duce and I have been using Logic as my main DAW since 1997. I started out using Cubase then switched to Logic version 2.8 on the PC then moved to the Mac platform when Emagic was bought by Apple. Although I am proficient in Pro Tools and Ableton Live, Logic Pro has been my digital audio workstation of choice for all aspects of my music production process, from creation to completion.

I have developed these tutorials to help musicians, composers, beat makers, music producers, audio editors, sound recording and mixing engineers as well as music tech enthusiasts with speeding up their workflow when using Logic as their primary Digital Audio Workstation or DAW.

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  • Logic doesn’t really need a trial version though since Garage Band is free and has 75% of the same functionality and sound library that Logic has.

    Nick K May 23, 2020 5:02 am Reply
  • Fun fact tho at one time there was a Windows version of Logic. Apple didn’t originally create Logic, they bought it from a German company, and after purchasing it they discontinued all support and any future updates for Windows.

    Nick K May 23, 2020 5:02 am Reply
  • Cubase is German not good.. too much money… German needs more money

    EDMotherStyleProduction May 23, 2020 5:02 am Reply
  • This is like back then. PC vs Mac Crying babies. Use what you buy and learn they all do the job. Be creative stop bitching your DAW is the best for you

    distortedhumans May 23, 2020 5:02 am Reply
  • If you’re expecting an in-depth comparison, prepare to be disappointed.

    Raja Orr May 23, 2020 5:02 am Reply
  • Most people forget that your DAW is a blank canvas. Your DAW won't make you a better musician. DAW's and plugins are always trying to make it easier for you to make music, but that makes music makers lazy. That's why a lot of music sounds the same. If you're starting out you should first learn the technicalities of the basics – EQ, Compression etc.

    Steve Jones May 23, 2020 5:02 am Reply
  • cubase is king, first daw in history and stills alive. if sound matter cubase is the way to go, its so deep and pure

    iMuse May 23, 2020 5:02 am Reply
  • fuck protools I use logic and cubase these are the two best programs to me

    Rocky Chavez May 23, 2020 5:02 am Reply
  • As far as an overall DAW and it's capabilities, Cubendo crushes Logic..and this comes from someone who used logic extensively from 1996 through 2016 every single day of his life, as well as still using it today for older projects already composed in it. I even taught Logic as a career in the early 2000's. That's how well I know it. I finally woke up in 2016 when the show stoppers persisted, and sought out alternatives.

    Cubase's midi is better, it's mixer is better, it's audio editing is better, it's delay compensation is better, it's automation is better, it's chord track is better, it's media browser is better (and 10x faster to react), and much much more. I own LogicX, Nuendo 10 and Pro Tools 2019, and I admit, I tend to use pro tools a lot because of it's stupidly easy workflow and light GUI, but I'd choose Cubendo ANY day over Logic.. You are being ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. 
    Did you know, Logic still has the AU plugin decay issue from 20 years ago (started with vst plugins in Logic windows). That shows just HOW old the code is.. Half the AU plugins on the market will play their tail after playback is stopped, even if it's restarted a minute later, which can completely destroy bounces..i.e it caches the plugin tails in playback memory rather than flushing them.. This even affects some AU instruments by giving us "phantom notes". Try contact a plugin dev about it, they will tell you it's Apples fault, and apple will tell you it's the dev's fault. Still today, 100's of au plugins are affected by this issue. Even in 2020, in Logic 10.4.8, you have to create like 8 blank bars at the start of every track to safely bounce. 
    Logic has ZERO latency compensation for automation, which means automation timing is a NIGHTMARE when you have latent effects in your mix. Try it. Automate any normal zero latency plugin on an audio track or instrument track insert. Like say an auto filter. Then add a plugin with latency before or after the one being automated. Automation is now out of time. FACT.
    Oh, and groove agent is better than drummer.. Drummer is easy to use, sure, but groove agent is just again so much more versatile whereas drummer is a "quick fix" toy. 
    Honestly, you kind of come across completely clueless and are insulting pretty much the most powerful "do everything" daw on the market. If I was willing to give up Pro tools' way of doing clip gain and get used to the dark GUI, I'd use Nuendo more (gave up my cubase 9.5 license to upgrade to N10). In fact, I am sure my future will be 100% with Nuendo once my PT support plan expires and N10.5 comes out. If Cubendo copied the way pro tools did audio clip gain, I'd switch tomorrow.

    I'd never, EVER go back to the limitations of Logic and, for example, it's 3 second delays for making any audio adjustment during playback.
    LOL! yeah! Logic has a massive audible delay even adjusting something as simple as clip gain! ALL edits to audio during playback have this delay. In PT and Cubase you hear the results INSTANTLY (and pretty much every other daw in the world!). 
    Logic doesn't even have a clip gain handle, you need to use a darn region inspector. THE most basic DAW necessity takes longer to do than ANY other DAW! At least cubase has proper clip gain lines on the darn clips (but nothing beats PT in this regard). 
    Cubase bounce in place also more powerful than Logic, more options. Cubase freeze is faster cause it doesn't need to freeze entire length of song even for just a small clip. Cubase's realtime performance is 100% on par with Logic these days.
    Yeah, I am a pro tools user but can clearly see that Nuendo/Cubase are a 10x more powerful DAW in every way. Honestly, Logic has 20 year old bugs still.. seriously! It really IS a bunch of crap.. Sure, it has a lovely effects package and a lovely price, which is what entices mac users.. But really, as a DAW, it's a bunch of junk cause Apple REFUSE to fix the fundamentals.
    It's not even close. Cubase any day versus Logic. 100x over and then some. It's like comparing a Rolls Royce to a Lada.

    If I was rating Cubase today as it stands, it's a 10/10/. The only DAW I'd give a 10/10 to. Logic is around a 5/10 and that does take price into consideration and the excellent modulation effects (Cubase is not behind on any other kind of FX, Logic's mod/delay fx are where it wins there). Logic's sample set is ancient.. halion sonic actually has USABLE patches unlike EXS24. Alchemy? Most overrated synth ever, including when it was a VST for all DAWS by Camel audio. Actually, I'd take halion sonic, Retrologue and Padshop any day over the synths in Logic.
    I am racking my brains trying to think of ONE thing Logic is better at.. maybe the midi FX cause they are open to third parties? yet it still doesn't have a basic drum sequencer. Hmmm.. Maybe the tape delay?.. yeah, that one is pretty damn cool when driven… Ok, so Logic wins one item ROFL. Flex time? Cubase does that with elastique 3 algorithms which are absolutely on par with Logic's algorithms. Vari audio is easily as good as flex pitch, and guess what? ARA2 works properly in Cubase unlike Logic. Read this:

    Yep, 2 years later and a typical apple broken bug that they refuse to fix. They just do something half assed and never touch it again. They could fix the latency compensation with automation overnight. All they have to do is tell automation to move with the audio when latent effects are used. I have reported it 50 times in over a decade to no avail.
    Anyone reading this a UA user? Logic is the DAW of your NIGHTMARES, since all UAD plugins have latency when used in the DAW. Only second to Ableton Live which has even worse delay compensation.

    This was a pre meditated biased video and deeply unfair.

    Teddy M May 23, 2020 5:02 am Reply
  • good man

    Theddy Mbayi May 23, 2020 5:02 am Reply
  • Wow some very silly comments from both sides here and some good ones. They are both great DAW’s and have strengths & weaknesses. I would only say that apple should offer a 30 day trial so people can decide which is going to be the better workflow to suit them.

    LeeTronix May 23, 2020 5:02 am Reply
  • To those who say logic is better than Cubase needs a kick in th air ass Cubase bigger brother nuendo has the same audio quality like samplitude plus videogame music I don't even have to go further it's the only daw that makes a cheap audio interface sounds expensive with that ssl console mixer I dare logic to test Cubase nuendo

    jupita tv May 23, 2020 5:02 am Reply
  • started with fl studio, then got a MacBook and the rest is history.. There's just something about having a copy of Logic Pro – the look, the feel of it..idk lol.. But at the end of the day it does not matter – if you music slaps then it slaps and nobody really needs to know how you made it lol

    Johnny Caper May 23, 2020 5:02 am Reply
  • I used to be a frequented cubase user then i got on logic by incident, after that i never want to get back to cubase ever again. Period. Just my personal opinion, I feel more productive when i use logic.

    Deeper Forest May 23, 2020 5:02 am Reply
  • Compare Cubase 10 with Studio One 4, they both are very flexible DAWs

    Jam T May 23, 2020 5:02 am Reply
  • Realy good thanks very much

    Andy Webstone May 23, 2020 5:02 am Reply
  • …now after 10.5 update of cubase i think that logic x is really behind…..cubase 10.5 have so many features that i wish logic had…maybe I will now switch to cubase for good…..reagards

    Fox Production May 23, 2020 5:02 am Reply
  • What is this?? Is this a prank?? Logic is not even considered to be a professional application for professional audio, I might be a composer app at best! Get real dude

    Alex Alonso May 23, 2020 5:02 am Reply
  • Cubase colors can be more mellow and feature pastels…you just have to program it…it's a fully customizable UI. Logic is superb in all respects, but its lower price is deceptive because you pay for the proprietary machine which is, in general, better than standard PCs. That said, one can make a MUCH MORE powerful Windows machine (that's why gamers use PC , not Mac). Arps and warp and even the virtual drummer are all in Cubase (you just don't know this)…Cubase is not as "pretty' looking as Logic…but if you're into Orchestral scoring, Cubase is tops…Cubase/Nuendo is used in the studios of Han Zimmer, Junkie XL, numerous ther film composers, and in lots of AAA game companies…Cubase and Nuendo!…not Logic….you see, there is something called "expression maps" and Logic doesn't have them like Cubase…

    Law of Perspective May 23, 2020 5:02 am Reply
  • so disapointed from cubase 10 and studio one 4 time strech algorithm, after slowing down the drum loop from 107 to 97 bpm the loop looses its kick, theres no punch no attack, its not the case with logic or pro tools, they are doing very well with the drum loops stretching…..reagards

    Fox Production May 23, 2020 5:02 am Reply
  • You have not even scratched the surface of what Cubase Pro can do. It seems like you put more emphasis on Logic’s features than Cubase Pro’s. Especially when talking and displaying the plugins.
    You probably should’ve spent more time with Cubase or do a shoot out between the DAWs. I used Logic Pro at another studio and received the raw files. Logic’s audio engine (to me) sounds brighter. Cubase has a warmer sound. The audio engine sounds better. Back in the SX days, I couldn’t defend that one bit. After version 5 and beyond, they are top notch sounding. My clients couldn’t believe the sound I was getting and thought I was using ProTools. Nope. #ichoosecubase

    Busta Browne May 23, 2020 5:02 am Reply
  • My problem with Logic are the frequent system overload messages with even modest numbers of tracks. I do all of the customary fixes, setting latencies, freezing tracks, updating the OS, turning off all unnecessary apps, even turning off networking but I still get lots of overload messages. Cubase works much better in this regard which is odd since Logic X is a native OSX app.

    Atlanta Guitar May 23, 2020 5:02 am Reply
  • Logic has worked well for me for the past 5-6 years, I started with Logic 9, and it was grand.. Logic X comes out and my files I created with 9 are not recognised… such is life…

    Logic loves your memory, all of it…. I tend to create some heavy projects and even at 1024 i/o buffering, it'll bog down, it could be something I'm not doing properly, maybe the curse of not buying a new iMac… This is most likely a hardware issue but core audio drops out a lot, again could be older computer.
    My mate uses Cubase and has created some fantastic stuff on it, on a PC he built himself for fairly cheap, which offset the cost of his software, on the other hand, Logic is 200 buck but the cost of a new Mac… eeek! I think in some ways that's a better way to validate comparisons… Just my two bobs worth.. I'm currently weighing up those options myself, after being a Mac man since 1986, dumping it all and going to the Dark Side and CuBase… lol

    Steve Sturges May 23, 2020 5:02 am Reply
  • im user both THIS DAW but finally i found better than tHE rest,……….thats PRESONUS STUDIO ONE…..peace:)

    Mike Shuhada May 23, 2020 5:02 am Reply
  • I dont even have to watch and i know this video is crap and misleading. To all you new engineers dont worry about the daw they all do the same thing just in diffrent ways. Find what is visualy pleasing to you and learn your craft as an engineer. No daw is better than the other they all have diffrent work flows. This guy just giving fals information for clicks. Plus u cant compair a daw thats only for apple with a cross platform daw, what about people on pc? Im a 20 year vet in recording engineering and i have when people give out bs info like this cuz its missleading and wrong!

    Santa Ana Creations May 23, 2020 5:02 am Reply
  • Im a logic x user for 10 years, and 4 months of cubase 10, they are very different daws, yes maybe cubase really sounds cleaner with its sound engine but logic is more user friendly, all the features are much easier to learn and the workflow is faster…so one simple operation with logic you can do with one click on a mouse but on cubase you need first to find it somewhere and then click 5 times to get there…and if you are using custom drum kits in your song when you try to backup the project it wont save the samples, so in other cubase daw the project will be useless….and many other ,,things,, btw Cubase has the worst file management from all the daws…its not an accident that 60 percent from all famous producers deejays are using LOGIC x….dont get me wrong, this is just my expirience as a Logic x user …regards

    Fox Production May 23, 2020 5:02 am Reply
  • Another great video but could you please please turn off the irritating background music? Thanks

    Manjeet S Rasiya May 23, 2020 5:02 am Reply
  • You also missed Cubase's Chord track, arranger track, render in place and much much more.

    Gentoo May 23, 2020 5:02 am Reply
  • You mentioned the Logic arpeggiator but skipped the one in Cubase which is Arpache. There are two versions of Arpache in Cubase too.

    Gentoo May 23, 2020 5:02 am Reply
  • thank you bro

    SOFYAN EL RHAYOUR May 23, 2020 5:02 am Reply

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