Creating a Audio Effect Rack in Ableton Live

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This video is an introduction to Audio effect Racks within Ableton Live. In Ableton Live there are 4 different types of Racks; Audio, MIDI, Instrument and Drum Racks. The focus here is on Audio Effects Racks but because all rack types share common features what you learn here can be applied to the other types of Racks.

A rack is a flexible tool for combining devices into complex processing and sound generation chains for use in the studio and in performance. When using multiple devices they give you quick access to the mostly essential controls. Key to racks is the the concept of the macro. This allows you to control a single device or multiple drives in new, powerful and expressive ways.

Lesson key points:
0:29 – What is a Rack?
0:51 – Creating a Rack
1:47 – Rack sections
2:27 – Mapping to a Macro
6:13 – Advanced mapping
7:59 – Processing in series vs parallel
8:45 – Switching Chains

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