Bluetooth A2DP enabled APTx / AAC USB receiver – Cubund

Cubund makes your audio system’s USB port Bluetooth compatible, establishes a high quality live music stream between your handheld devices and audio systems for example your car, or devices in your home, like your hi-fi or home theatre system. Cubund can play high quality music, due to its AAC/ Apt-x codec technology over Bluetooth A2DP profile. Thanks to integrated handsfree function you can manage incoming/outgoing calls and redirect them to your hifi system.

Cubund is easy to use. You don’t have to install a specific application or program to make it work. Simply plug Cubund into the USB port then turn the Bluetooth on on your phone/tablet/laptop. Select Cubund on Bluetooth list of devices, start the music player, that’s all. Next time Cubund will remember your smartphone, and automatically connects when your audio system is powered up.


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