Anh Nhà Ở Đâu Thế (English Version!) – John Connell

Anh Nhà Ở Đâu Thế – John Connell
With Permission of B Ray and AMEE! Great original song HERE:


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You and I have know each other for a long time already
And I just have one inquiry
Is your breakfast ready? Is it wet or sunny?
You and I now mmhmm we’re peeking at each other
But you won’t say you’re my lover
Man I really miss you, are you missing me too?

I have liked you for so long, just want you in my arms

So just who are you?
You come and go inside my heart all day
You make me lose my way I laugh and cry, day and night
Because my heart is always longing for you
I just want you to hear my real feelings
But you might turn away
I’m scared again
So we remain the same

Hoooh, hoooh, hoooh, so hey where are you now?

After the night we spent together I felt crazy in love
When you looked at me it felt like destiny from above
Did you every dall in love with someone at the first look
Because I seem to love you even before we ever spoke
So now, when will you say we can begin?
The eyes are the windows of the soul, can you come in?
I don’t wanna hurt you I just wanna see you bloom
She said that I’m her puppy and I said that she’s my bone

The feelings come but we don’t speak, so we remain the same
We just continue like we always had, how sad


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