Agrison 50hp Turbo Official TV Ad

For an unbeaten combination of power and intelligence look no further than the luxurious Agrison 50HP Ultra! If you are searching for a reliable, robust, comfortable and productive tractor for your farm, the Agrison 50HP is the one for you. The Ultra series design successfully adopts a: spacious European bubble cabin, flat floor and floating cab (to reduce vibration) set to offer a high standard of comfort to complete all your farming tasks. Offering value added features such as: Turbo and Air conditioned cab is what makes this machine so popular amongst Australian farmers. The Agrison 50HP Ultra is equipped with state of the art: 4 in 1 Front End Loader (quick release from the bucket and the loader), 4 Cylinder, 3 Point Linkage, Power Steering, 4 remotes, Wet Disk Breaks (2 disks), night lights, fully enclosed Cabin, luxury seat, sunshade, low noise levels for comfort and much more! Purchase a 50HP Ultra and receive a complimentary 6ft slasher (valued at $1,990)!


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