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The #SUPERCOURT model puts the onus on the wearer to weave their own narrative. Made to get better with time, the shoe develops a new, unique, personal meaning with every smudge, scuff, crease, and scrape that it gathers. For decades, white leather adidas sneakers have been adopted by creatives as blank canvases that accrue character with each new experience; the Supercourt silhouette is set to continue this legacy.

True to the lineage of adidas’ most iconic court models, the Supercourt silhouette features a striking white leather upper, atop a classic rubber sole, harking back to the brands iconic court shoes. Bringing to life the archive for a new generation, the Supercourt sneaker is the culmination of adidas’ legacy in design expertise in one strikingly simple silhouette.

Arriving in stores from June 21st, see more at


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