Adidas lite racer review: Most affordable knits

The overwhelming popularity of knits for running shoes became a fashion trend and a smart choice for daily use.

Let me introduce to you the Adidas lite race. Affordable knits with great quality.

The two tone knit is weave in a fashionable design for breathability. Don’t get me wrong, with this kind of material it looks like a Premium knit.

The over-all structure is great. considering the colorways , sole and the stitched white stripes for the logo.

The amazing feature of the product is not the outside but the inside. The cloudfome technology is not just a name but a literal material for a spongy effect in each step. This is by far a new innovation for true comfort.

In conclusion, Adidas is taking the game on point giving average consumer a shoe gear that is not exaggerated but just right on target.


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