ABBYY FineReader Review & Test: 22x Faster & 99% Accurate

ABBYY FineReader Review:

ABBYY FineReader is OCR software for convert your printed document or book into editable text format.

As of 2005, writer Barbara Blackburn was the fastest alphanumerical English language typist in the world, according to The Guinness Book of World Records. Using the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard, she maintained 150 wpm for 50 minutes, and 170 wpm for shorter periods. Her top speed was 212 wpm. (source: Wikipedia)

Words per minute, commonly abbreviated WPM, is a measure of words processed in a minute, often used as a measurement of typing speed or reading speed.

A recent research and study from THAPAR UNIVERSITY (page 18) states that “Desktop OCR scanners can read typewritten data into a computer at rates up to 2400 words per minute!”.

Speed and Accuracy Test.

ABBYY FineReader 22x faster than any fast typewriter in the world.

With 99% Accurate.

In order to test the accuracy level I used the Compare feature (Built-in Microsoft Word).

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