A little art

This little piece is just that: Little.

It’s only about 8 x 2 inches on recycled chipboard, and it was finished a few weeks ago during some crazy days.

I did it literally on the fly, with a swipe of glue here, a dab of paint there… and I have to say, I’m pretty with happy with how it turned out!

The lesson? Awesome art can happen even two minutes at a time.

What did you do with your two minutes today?

(You can see the entire card here.)

8 Responses to “a little art”

  • Annabelle
    Hi Denice,
    I agree with you whole heartily.Probably my best art evolved out of the blue when I least expected.
    Yours is beautiful and with very lovely sentiments that I practice each and everyday of my life here on earth…..everyday no matter how blue is still worth loving and enjoying and with new happy surprises along the way.
    luv the way you created the background colors and partial window….simply lovely.
  • Gwen
    Gorgeous texture and brilliant text!!!
  • Rindar
    As a mixed media collage artist, I love what you did! And the size is really intriguing. Happy PPF!
  • EVA
    Lovely card. It almost looks like the cover to a journal.
  • carlarey
    Love this! It’s amazing what you can accomplish creatively in a few minutes here and there.
  • Mary C. Nasser
    Beautiful piece!
    And your photography of it is exquisite!
    Love seeing it from different perspectives!
  • Helen Campbell
    Your work is amazing! And it’s a good motto to try a two minute bit of art when I’m crazy busy. Thanks for sharing.
  • froebelsternchen


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