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www.marveena.com – Hi there, I’m MarVeena Meek. Today for my Psychic Development tip, we are going to continue in our Tarot Tutorials. We are still working in the Swords. The Swords always reflect our mental world and what is going on in our mind. Today we are going to talk about the 8 of Swords. When you look at this card, you see the Indian type swords and two of them are very predominant. A lot of times when you pull the 8 of swords, it’s talking about a time when you are going back-and-forth. You can’t make up your mind about two options, two issues, or even two people. It’s like there is a lot of interference. You are basically overanalyzing the situation. It can even be about you trying to make up your mind about some sort of a relationship with a Gemini person in your life. My advice is to wait before you make a decision. This is not a time where you have mental clarity. You want to wait until the influences are a little better and you don’t have so much negativity going around in your mental world. You will get a much better outcome that way. I would recommend you wait 8 days or 8 weeks. The energetics should change. You will have a whole lot more clarity to help you see the situation in a different light and make a better choice for you at this time. The influences of the planets are Jupiter in Gemini. So Jupiter is all about expansion and Gemini is about weighing your options. You could turn this time around into a more positive outcome if you focus on that and also look at the Star card and the Adjustment card because they are the other 8 value cards in the Major Arcana. Look at the other 8 cards – Cups, Wands, and Disks. Those cards will help to give you some other ideas too. The main thing is that you want to wait before you take action and that will help you to have a more favorable outcome. So this is just a mini explanation of this card. If this card is upside down or reversed then it is going to have a bit of a different influence in your life. You could look at the reversals on my blog. I’ve got articles on the other tarot cards and I have free podcasts at iTunes. You can access both of those accounts through my website. If you would like to have a mini tarot reading with me then you can book it at my website also. If you have any questions, give me a call. I hope that you have a very powerful day! Thanks for stopping by. www.marveena.com

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