2016 Smart DCT Turbo (90hp) – DRIVE & SOUND (60FPS)

This week I can present to you the full Drive & Sound test with the all new 2015 / 2016 Smart Fortwo powered by the range-topping 3-Zylinder “Turbo” delivering a decent 90 hp and 135 Nm of torque. This particular car features the new “Twinamic” DCT (dual-clutch) transmission which should be the first choice for driving in town and on country roads. Smart really sticked to its “tiny-vehicle” concept although that the new one feels a lot wider and more spacious than the predecessor. The inline 3-Zylinder engine (900 cm3) sounds great and even makes some 6-zyinlinder noise in the higher rpms. Considering that it was 30 degrees celsius and more when we did our tests we beliebe acceleration can be even better under “normal” conditions. Please make sure to LIKE / COMMENT / SUBSCRIBE !


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