History has many things to hand down to us even gambling recordings. Thanks to diligent historians and archeologist who discovered facts about ancient gambling. During the prehistoric times burial caves brought out samples of dice. They were carved from the bones of antelopes.

Even the Egyptian tombs of famous pharaohs were excavated and different forms of games were discovered. The evidence of these findings confirms that our forefathers engaged in some form of gambling. They too wanted fun and thrills, and excitement. This attitude still exist in the modern times.

Often we wonder how to tell the outcome of a game and what it brings it to our lives. Is it the wagering of money or other valuables based on an event or sport? Even during the Anglo saxon era betting things of value or the more accepted bet – Money – was used.

When there is a very risk of the chance factor the game is associated with gambling. The appeal in using money intensifies the thrill of it in the risk that the bets may be lost. So much is at risk and at stake even with horse racing and the lottery. But the hop of making money fast, quick and easy is what gives the gambling the attraction to all ages.

We cannot discount the notion that to play is global instinct of the universal man. Sometimes adults and children play because it comes out as a natural function for their everyday existence. It a means of expressing their emotions..a display of roles they want to play such as hunting. Gambling eases the stress and tension if played correctly.

If the desire to play is excessive and compulsive then it endangers the stability of a person. When these symptoms show up then this sickness must treated and treated swiftly.

Gambling knows no time and has no time requirement. Casino houses or places of gambling are open twenty four hours of the day. The individual chooses the most convenient time to gamble based on the money he has now or later in the day. Results are determined by taking the risk of chance or by accident.

A person’s body continues to adapt to the wee hours of the morning. His mind off and on the gambling hours work to such a point that his skills and knowledge are sharpened to grab the thriller of the day – money. An exciting and tiring day may just give a beautiful and meaningful experience. Truly human in nature.